"Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" - Universal Studios Hollywood

Christmas Magic to Enchant the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood

"Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" - Universal Studios Hollywood
“Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” – Universal Studios Hollywood

It may be difficult to think of Christmas during this summer heat, but Universal Studios Hollywood has more magic in store at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Just two weeks after their announcement of the new “Nighttime Lights” projection show spectacular this summer (evoking memories of the grand opening of the Wizarding World just one year ago), Universal Studios Hollywood tops that with a Christmas show bound to delight.

The holidays at Hogwarts were pure magic in the original novels by J.K. Rowling.  The massive tree, the decorations in the Great Hall, the delectable treats, the Yule Ball.  How I wished I could have stepped into that world.

Now, Universal Studios Hollywood offers the next best thing.  Here’s a preview of “Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

Hogwarts will be transformed with a “breathtaking light projection show” to celebrate the holidays starting this November.  Similar to the summer “Nighttime Lights” show, this spectacular animates Hogwarts castle with “latest in map projection technology” several times each evening.

Hogsmeade will be decked with Christmas décor.  And new seasonal food offerings will be available, “taken straight from the stories.” What treats do the chefs have in store?  Universal Studios Hollywood promises more details to come.

This will be the first domestic Harry Potter Christmas celebration for both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando.

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour London commemorates the holidays annually by enchanting their Hogwarts castle with snow.  (This castle was the real model used in the Harry Potter films).  They also hold a specially-ticketed banquet in the Great Hall with a Christmas tree more massive than Hagrid.

Last November, Universal Studios Japan hosted an enchanted holiday season with an interactive Christmas tree (“Lumos maxima”) and a distinctive feast menu at the Three Broomsticks restaurant.

This year, Harry Potter fans can celebrate the holidays at Universal Studios Hollywood with a hot Butterbeer, as the yuletide spirit descends on the Wizarding World.

Would love to hear what you’re looking forward to most!

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