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Hotel Reviews — a New Chrysalis Travel Series 


Part of traveling means staying at various hotels around the world.  There have been some fantastic, above-all-expectations, amazing hotels. Then there have been some misses, some of them quite notable. 

I would like to share my impressions of these hotels, hopefully to guide travelers in their choice of hotel.
These are real experiences that I have had with these hotels. We pay our own way 99% of the time, and are not sponsored by any hotels to write good reviews.
(The one exception was the Sofitel San Francisco Bay) in which I won a one-night stay.
I rate the hotels on a five point scale, with an occasional “6” for a truly exceptional impression. These are rare, but I did want to note some extraordinary properties.
Hope these series of hotel reviews are helpful to you!
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    1. Hi ray ban wayfarer

      I agree in honesty in reviews. That is why I will always disclose if I have received free ‘perks’ from any supplier. I also have extensive reviews posted in TripAdvisor. Thanks for commenting!

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