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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for being loyal readers of my Blog posts!  I have been focusing quite a bit of my writing in collaboration with, a website that focuses on everything Disney.

Here is my Writer’s Page on!

LaughingPlace is a family-friendly, positive source for Disney-related news and interests.  This includes everything from Disney Theme Parks to films to conventions (like Comic-Con).

The Disney universe has expanded now to include Star Wars and Marvel as well, so all of these topics are covered at  Besides traveling, these closely match my personal passions.

TRON LightCycle Run at Sunset, Shanghai Disneyland
TRON LightCycle Run at Sunset, Shanghai Disneyland

I have been able to incorporate traveling to destinations (like Shanghai Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Star Wars Celebration Europe in London) along with my fangirl interests to share unique perspectives from special conventions and Disney Parks.

We have an agreement to publish my articles here on this website no earlier than 1 month after they are published on the LaughingPlace website.   That is why articles here may appear to be slightly later than the actual events.

John Musker and Aulii at Moana Panel SDCC
John Musker and Aulii at Moana Panel SDCC


I always share my newest articles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when they are first published on  Follow us @ChrysalisTravel for all the latest news!

Meanwhile, feel free to check back regularly on my Writer’s Page on for my full collection of articles published there.

Kylo Ren Disneyland Launch Bay
Kylo Ren Disneyland Launch Bay

Here are some of my articles published on LaughingPlace:

5 Must-See Attractions Unique to Shanghai Disneyland

Answers to 10 Essential Questions About Shanghai Disneyland

Soarin’ Around the World: From California to Shanghai

Star Wars Celebration Europe: A Closer Look at “Rogue One”

“Moana” Sails Into San Diego Comic-Con and Into Our Hearts (Part 1)

“Moana” Sails Into San Diego Comic-Con and Into Our Hearts (Part 2)

Runway Success at Her Universe Comic-Con Fashion Show

Alice Through the Looking Glass: Using “Previs” and “Postvis” in VFX Filmmaking

Floyd Norman: A Disney Legend’s Animated Life

(…and more coming!)

If you have any topics you would like to hear about, or have questions about Disney Destinations or traveling, please let me know!  Leave us comment below!

Until next time!  Connect. Be Transformed.   🙂



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