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Covering a Con (Part 1)


Being a fangirl, I love attending conventions, or ‘Cons’ as they’re now called.  From San Diego Comic-Con and Wonder-Con to Star Wars Celebration, D23, and a Celebration of Harry Potter — I had had the privilege to explore, and now share the world of fandom.

There are so many aspects of attending fan conventions.  What used to be shunned as the marginalized ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ culture is now embraced and adored.  From comic book art to their iconic heroes-turned-blockbuster-stars at the box office, pop culture has come a long way.

Darth Vader vs. Rancor

Many will remember a time when liking Star Wars made you weird.  Then people found community in others who also loved movies like Star Wars.  Growing up, they created organizations such as the 501st Legion to share their common passions and — even better — give back to the community through charity works. Continue reading Covering a Con (Part 1)