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The 411 on the TSA 3-1-1

(Part 1 of 4)

As we prepare for this season of travel, being informed can help make the difference between a pleasantly smooth journey, and a stressful trip with confiscated personal items.  This is particularly true of the TSA.  In this first post of a four-part Blog series, I will share information about the TSA that will be helpful for novice as well as expert travelers, to help navigate your way through our nation’s airports.

The 3-1-1 Rule: Basics

While packing for your flight, it is important to evaluate your liquids.  Any liquids that are not needed in-flight should be stowed in your checked baggage.

Liquids carried on board must pass the 3-1-1 Rule:

  •  3 ounces per container
  • 1 quart size clear container (such as a zip top bag)
  • 1 container per person

So your 10 ounce toothpaste, 12 ounce sunscreen, and aerosol mousse will not pass TSA security screening, and will be confiscated at the checkpoint.  To avoid this Continue reading The 411 on the TSA 3-1-1