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Surviving the Long Haul Journey: Choosing Your Flight

Flying used to be more about an elegant journey – rather than just mere survival – especially for long haul flights.  People used to dress up for an airplane flight.  Now, it is more about functionality and endurance as airlines cut personal space to add more seats, and reduce the number of flight attendants in coach.

This has led to a different flight experience – one that I want to help you navigate.  With some advance planning, your long haul international flight does not have to be a 10+ hour nightmare in a horribly cramped prison-like seat.

Choosing Your Flight

Survival begins before you purchase your plane tickets.  When I am searching for airline tickets – for myself, or friends who are trusting me with their travel plans – I start my search on Continue reading Surviving the Long Haul Journey: Choosing Your Flight

10 Money-Smart Credit Card Tips To Know Before You Travel


I love shopping, and understanding how to get the best exchange rate for euros, Pounds, and Kroners allows me to get the most for my money.  Today, I will be sharing money-saving credit card tips that can be especially helpful for international (and domestic) travel.

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Disclaimer: I have no financial connections with any banks mentioned in this post.

(Plastic) Money Makes the World Go Round

Negotiating foreign currencies used to be much more of a challenge than it is today.  With so many countries in the Eurozone, there is one currency for much of Western Europe.  Hotels, restaurants, and larger stores in most countries accept credit cards.  In this modern age, it is much less necessary to ‘change money’ into foreign currency.

Here are some savvy traveler’s tips to avoid fees and get the most value out of your vacation dollar.

  1. Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

Many credit cards charge 2%-3% in foreign transaction fees on every purchase.  Why pay these bank fees when there are an increasing number of credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees?  Call your bank to see if a card you already have is foreign transaction fee-free. Continue reading 10 Money-Smart Credit Card Tips To Know Before You Travel